B-52 250ml

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B-52 is especially formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plants metabolism. B-52 increases nutrient uptake by providing naturally occurring hormones & vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere. B-52 is ideal for hydroponic, soil & sphagnum Moss or any other growing medium. In reservoirs or as a foliar spray or as a stand alone supplemental feeding, B-52 can & should be used during your plants entire lifetime From seed or cutting to harvest. Humans need B vitamins & so DO agricultural crops. That's why we've giving you a massive dose of B vitamins in our B-52 specialty formula. This product can be used from start to finish for all crops & can be applied as a foliar spray & as a root zone feed. It contains special organic compounds that facilitate uptake of vitamins, minerals & other ingredients while raising cellular-level metabolism. 1 liter

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