Bud Candy 250ml

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Remember that time you first tried cotton candy at the local county fair? It was pure delight that melted in your mouth & left your fingers gooey & sticky. The taste & those smells, It drove you crazy. Not only that, but you got a huge immediate jolt of energy from all that sweet stuff & had the time of your life. Now you can bring bud candy to your plants & get that same experience all over again. Savor the sweet smells & tastes you've always loved while bringing out the full genetic potential of your plants. Imagine your grateful eyes taking in the glitter & gold of your candy tasting flowers. Your taste buds & nose taking in their Gourmet aroma. You're guaranteed you'll see your plants eating Tons of carbohydrate energy so your flowers swell up all bloom phase & you'll stagger under the weight of your sugarcoated harvests.

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