Canna Aqua Flores A 1 Liter

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Dutch solution for growth and bloom For growing with any type of recirculating system ebb & flow, aeroponics, NFT, etc., using any type of inert growing medium rockwool, rocks, perlite, etc.. High yieldVery user-friendlyComplete solution for the entire growth processDirectly absorbableNo residuesEnvironmentally friendly pH buffered In order to provide the maximum influence on plant development, CANNA has developed Canna Aqua for inert growth mediums rockwool, rocks, perlite, etc., special nutrients for fast-growing plants on recirculatory systems, such as ebb & flow, aeroponics, recirculating drip and NFT. Canna Aqua ensures large yields, as it enables the grower to precicesly control the supply of nutrients during the growing and blooming phases of fast-growing plants. In these environments, other CANNA products such as PK 13-14, Cannazym and Rhizotonic also provide additional support during the different phases. With a combination of these CANNA products, the plant can concentrate fully on growing and blooming. AQUA VEGA In the first phase of a plants growth, the basis is laid for the subsequent bloom and the yields. A healthy and strong growth is characterized by vital growth shoots and luxuriant root development. AQUA VEGA has specially been developed to meet the plants needs in this phase. AQUA VEGA is designed to fit various inert mediums. Full absorption of nutrients and water penetration from the start of the growth are guaranteed by AQUA VEGAs large quantities of direct-absorption nitrogen compounds and high-grade EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements. Always use A and B parts in equal amounts. 

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