Carboload 4L

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Derived from both simple & complex carbohydrates that exactly matches a plant's carbohydrate profile. Specifically designed to boost the yield during critical flowering period When plants use up their carbohydrate Reserve to produce fruit. When a triathlete is getting ready for a big race, he loads up on carbohydrates to provide a burst of energy during the race & at the finish. Your agricultural crops also need to load up on carbohydrates during their production phase, so they can deliver prize-winning flowers, fruits, nuts, herbs & vegetables with MAXIMUM efficiency & vigor. Our Carbo load liquid product is a great way to enhance your crop's production By stoking it's need for carbohydrates beginning in the early part of the production cycle when your crop is using its own sugars & is facing carbohydrate depletion, which can slow growth & diminish the harvest value. Our Carbo load liquid contains a special liquid formulation of simple & complex carbohydrates designed to replenish your crop's vital energy storehouse & help you coast to victory with higher yields & better crop health. We suggest using this product with Voodoo juice, The Miracle root Stimulator, because the beneficial microbes in Voodoo juice love to feed on carbohydrates.

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