Cultured Solutions Veg B Qt

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Cultured solutions veg A and B is a full spectrum two-part plant food which contains the proper ratio of macro and micro nutrients needed to produce lush, vegetative growth in your garden. CS Veg is a pH stable, chelated nutrient that is ideal for high performance hydroponics gardening. You can use veg A & B with ebb and flow, drain-to-waste, top-feed drip, and aeroponics systems. It works great with coco coir or Rockwool/Steel wool. Used as a foliar spray, current culture veg can also be used with soil based gardens. Application rates: hydroponics - use 1 - 5ml per gallon purified water foliar feeding - use 1ml per quart purified water for organic soil applications CS veg is best suited as a foliar spray so as to avoid the introduction of mineral salt based inputs into the soil food web, which can inhibit the growth of certain types of beneficial micro-organisms.

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