Optic Foliar Switch 1 Liter

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Optic Foliar Switch allows your plants to transition into bloom, by preventing and combating key stress factors that can delay the formation of bloom sets. By utilizing Optic Foliar SWITCH early in the first 2 weeks of bloom; growers are then able to ensure that their plants will begin to form flower sites and maximize flower growth. Optic Foliar SWITCH ensures no loss in growth, quality or yield! Directions: 1. Do not dilute with water. 2. Must be used with Optic Foliar TRANSPORT, add at a rate of 10 ml/litre or 2 teaspoons/quart, ( 40 ml/4 litersor 8 teaspoons/gallon) 3. Shake vigorously after adding Optic Foliar TRANSPORT. 4. After adding Optic Foliar TRANSPORT product must be sprayed onto plants within 15 minutes. 5. Spray plants on day 7 & 17 of bloom cycle or at the first sign of flower stress. Additional Usage Notes: Can be sprayed with the lights on. Do no adjust ph of spray solution Avoid spraying any electrical or lighting Maximize yields and quality with OVERGROW & TRANSPORT, WATTS & REV


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