Tarantula Liter

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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula is a highly advanced & highly concentrated soil inoculant that will give you Sturdy plants & healthy growth. Tarantula contains the highest concentration of microorganisms available & offers a wide array of beneficial effects. This special formula increases root mass & re-establishes populations of beneficial bacteria in unbalanced soil. It also promotes greater lateral branching & an increase in budding sites. By providing both plants & soil with the components necessary for healthy growth, Tarantula gives you incredible, superior results. Promotes healthy plants & root systems. Increases root mass. Improves soil structure. Promotes efficient nutrient uptake. Releases powerful cytokinins. Highly concentrated formula. For root zone application, mix 0.3G of tarantulaper liter of nutrient solution. For accelerated growth, Use 0.6Gper liter & apply weekly during the vegetative cycle & During the first & S weeks of the Flowering cycle. If you want to apply Tarantula as a foliar spray, mix 1.0-2.0Gper liter of water. When using Tarantula, be sure to steep it in water that is either at room temperature or slightly colder, never in hot water.

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